The TERRA SANCTA EDUCATION TRUST (registered charity n. 1122180)

Established in 2007 by Dr. Jordan Lancaster to provide bursaries and other educational support to Christian children living in poverty throughout the Middle East.  In promoting education, the trust also actively encourages interfaith dialogue and encounter between the children of the monotheistic faith traditions which share the Holy Land.  The trust seeks to alleviate poverty by providing opportunities for work whenever possible for the families of children in need.  Our current focus is on expanding the library and providing school scholarships at the parish school in Anjara (Ajloun province) Jordan.  Dr. Lancaster can be seen above with Olivia, Mariana and Cristina, all of whom live at the orphanage within the Anjara parish of Our Lady of the Mountains.  They are cared for with loving kindness by the sisters of the Religious Family of the Incarnate Word. We are a micro-charity, relying on volunteer assistance to support small projects, such as those now flourishing in Anjara.

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