Past Events

Charity Concert, St. Sepulchre without Newgate

Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2DQ
Dvorak Mass in D, Vivaldi Gloria, Handel Messiah,Haydn Paukenmesse

We are honoured to have had the Jordanian Ambassador in London attending as Guest of Honour. 

St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto, Canada

“Building Bridges not Walls: Social Justice and Children’s Education in the Holy Land”

As smart as she is lovely, Dr. Lancaster (Jordan to her many friends—she even let me call her that) shared a compassionate presentation loaded with pictures and personal anecdotes she called “Building Bridges, Not Walls”. Her deep sense of Middle Eastern history from the days of Abraham plus her strong aspirations to help link children’s education to solutions that may mend the region’s fragile social justice history certainly evoked more empathy in me for all sides of the equation than I realized I had. To anyone who enjoys an enlightening discussion based on impressive knowledge, extensive onsite experience and remarkable insights about the Middle East, please take any opportunity you get to see and hear a Dr. Lancaster presentation. – Mike Hanson

A varied crowd of students, graduates and the general public came to St. Michael’s College to hear Dr. Jordan Lancaster’s first-hand account of working with children in the Holy Land.  Her illustrated talk gave the perspective one needs to help define the complex situation in that part of the world. – James Lythe


Uckfield, West Sussex, Newman Forum

May 2011

The Interfaith Challenge in Jerusalem and the Middle East”

Doctor Jordan Lancaster was our guest speaker. Her topic was the interfaith challenge in Jerusalem and the Middle East.  As Catholic Woman of the Year for her charitable and educational work among the poor and disadvantaged in the Holy Land, her insights are moving and at the same time disturbing. Reminding us of Newman’s motto ‘Cor ad Cor Loquitur’ (‘Heart speaks to Heart’) she described the problems of building bridges where there are walls. Jerusalem is a place of contradictions, with deep tribal affiliations even among Christians. Jordan, a professional translator, invoked Jerome, patron saint of translators, to emphasise the importance of interfaith understanding; and harked back to several OT stories to reveal what is shared among Jews, Muslims and Christians, and to stress the ancient symbolism of bread and its attendant rituals that come through for Catholics in the Eucharist itself. She observed that Christian love in action is the way to spread the ‘good news’ in the Holy Land rather than proselytising.  And this brought us back to the extraordinary work of her charity which offers bursaries and hope to Christian children in need. This was another wonderful and well-attended evening for the NF and we are very grateful to Jordan for joining us.

London, Catholic Woman of the Year Luncheon

October 2011

“Supporting Jordan’s Vulnerable Children – Hogar de las Niñas, Anjara”

Jerusalem, American Colony Bookshop, tba


Vancouver, Canada

Building Bridges Lecture Series (

January 2010

“Children of Abraham: Peace Building Through Interfaith Dialogue in the Holy Land”

“In her presentation, Dr Jordan Lancaster offered us a perspective social, religious and personal on the situation of the Christian minority in the Holy Land. We left inspired and informed, and conscious in a fresh way of the need to pay attention to all the communities of this conflicted region of our world.”

Rev. Donald Grayston


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